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By 6th October 2015Entertainment, Gaming
leos fortune
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With a full-time job, being a Dad, keeping busy with the podcast and blog, and making sure there’s enough time for the missus, it’s often hard to find the space for games. Which is why nowadays I hardly look for new games for my phone, let alone console games.

But to celebrate the arrival of my shiny new Apple iPhone 6S, I scoured the AppStore and did some research around games that would work well on my new bigger screen.

So I stumbled upon Leo’s Fortune.

A really good platform game not only needs good gameplay and controls, but a generally high quality user experience and beautiful visuals.

Leo’s Fortune provides all of this in spades in a rich tale of redemption.

leos fortune game

Leo wakes up one day to find all of his riches gone, so after leaving his wife a note, sets out in a quest to recover his fortune. His adventure spans five regions, each containing multiple stages in which he must speed through the stages whilst collecting his gold and remaining unhurt as best he can.

The music is brilliantly chosen to accompany stunning backdrops with depth and clarity combined, rarely seen in iOS games.

I love it, my son loves it; In my view, this games stands out from the crowd as an iOS classic.

You can download Leo’s Fortune¬†here¬†for iOS.


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