Google has changed it’s logo again, but what’s the point?

By 2nd September 2015Business, Tech
New google logo 2015
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Those of us that are slightly longer in the tooth will have noticed Google’s logo or branding change periodically, albeit only a little bit each time, over the years.

So what’s with the change this time? Well, they were a tad vague in their recent blog post but basically identifying that they are no longer just a desktop brand, and that they now serve a¬†vast proportion of the world through a collection of sites on desktop, mobile and so on and so forth.


Google writes that the new brand / logo is meant to reflect¬†“this reality and [show] you when the Google magic is working for you, even on the tiniest screens.”


Making the brand and device work well on smartphones and mobile devices seems to have been a major consideration, but that’s not a massive surprise considering the relatively new Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s strategy to bring Google to the whole world will depend a lot on it’s ability to to be available to those on limited resources and budget meaning mobile will play a huge role on the companies growth.


You’ll also see the new Google “G” beginning to appear right across its services. Among the more notable is Google+, which is now represented by a big colorless version of the new G. You’ll also see the new “G” appearing on Search, Translate, My Buisness and Maps straight away.



This video takes you through how the brand has evolved over the past 17 years, it’s been emotional!

Do you like the new look or hate it? Let us know your thoughts below….

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