Google OnHub, a router with style and simplicity.

By 19th August 2015Gadgets, Gaming, Tech
Google Onhub
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It doesn’t take a lot to get us pumped here at CityDad about smart new tech, and when we found out about this ‘Apple esc’ new router from none other than the good folks at Google, we were keen to get a closer look.

Our current crop of home routers were not designed to take the kind of hammering they currently do, and Google claims to have resolved the headaches of intermittent connections as well with a faster, more secure and easier to use product.

Designed to actually show-off

With the sleek new design, soft lighting and lack of chords, the router can take pride of place on sideboards in your home, meaning the signal will be clear instead of trying to get out from behind the door or TV cabinet

Fast and faster

After initially finding the best channel for the fastest connection, the Onhub‘s unique antenna and smart software automatically adjusts in the background to avoid interference and retain network performance. One of the coolest feature as the ‘man of the house’ is the ability to prioritise performance to a particular device, so you can be sure you get the best streaming speed when watching the game while you are on the throne!

One simple App for mobile

The Apps they’ve built for IOS Andriod will Allow you to set up your wifi, manage bandwidth for each home device and run a network check. It even offers troubleshooting suggestions and will send you password via text to you or you friends for quick access.

OnHub will be available to buy in the US and Canada from early August for $199 with a UK and Europe launch set for the Autumn, expect the UK price to be around the £149 mark!

We’d love to hear you thoughts on this, and if you get your hands on one, give us feedback below, thanks








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