5 of the coolest iPhone 6S and 6S Plus cases you are likely to see

By 10th August 2015Gadgets, Gear, Tech
iPhone 6s case
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Whether we like to believe it or not, our phones are a statement about us, and much like the decisions we make when we get dressed in the morning, how it looks is important. This goes some way to explaining why I managed to spend a ridiculous amount of hours looking for a new case.

There is clearly a vast amount of choice in your local retail outlet and of course online and, having trawled an enormous selection, we felt it only right to share with you our findings.

1.  Native Union iPhone 6 case


Each of these handcrafted and precision engineered cases are completely unique thanks to their individual grains. Made from solid American timber, CLIC wooden surprisingly slim but built to last. It looks great and it feels great too. We’re not afraid to admit, one of these fell into to our online basket and is winging it’s way to CityDad Headquarters already!

2.  AndMesh Case in Black


Winner of the RedDot Design Award 2015, this stealthy beauty was created by renowned craftsmen in Japan and certainly caught our attention with it’s industrial looks. The blurb explains it’s made with elastomers, which are commonly used for tool grips. This ultimately means it has a certain softness but an element of flexibility and durability not typically found in standard smartphone cases. We love it!

3. Real Ostrich Leather Lucrin Case


If you are feeling a little flush and want your beloved iPhone to be draped in expensive animal skin then this is the one for you. Typically these slide on cases can be tough to get your phone out of, but the good folks at Lucrin have installed a pull-out strap so you’ll be tweeting in style as quick as ever. Perfect for those evenings out at Mayfair wine bars, naturally!

4.  Incipio NGP Protective Case


Incipio have been making sleek, minimal protective cases for years now and have continued with their classy style with this little stunner. Made from their patented Flex2O polymer material provides excellent shock absorption without stretching, tearing, or fading over time. Durable and affordable, a smart purchase no doubt.

5.  Apple Leather Case for iPhone 6


This was the case I started with in brown; it’s a classic and looks and feels great with the signature Apple logo on the back and a sturdy quality about it. The only downside might be the tendancy to look a bit shabby after long term use, but in fairness, that applies to many other cases out there.

Did we miss any? If you have better examples, let us know by c ommenting below so we can check them out for our next review.

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