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By 14th October 2014News, Tech, Travel
New London Tube
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In 2020, Transport for London (TFL) is set to launch it’s most futuristic Tube ever that promises to serve the growing number of London commuters in comfort and style with 60% more capacity.

TFL unveiled the new cars last week in anticipation of having to upgrade platforms on the Piccadilly, Waterloo & City, Central, Bakerloo lines over the next few years to accomodate the new cars.

As part of the new designs, passengers will be able to walk the entire length of train, which eliminates the all the space previously taken up by the ends of each carriage.

The entrances will be evenly spaced and feature double-wide doorways to allow easier access and departure for a greater number of passengers.

In addition to these major improvements, the designs include strips of LED lighting along the doors that flash red to warn passengers when they are closing. The advertising boards are becoming entirely digital, so it’s goodbye to the old paper based Ads seen over previous decades and some of the deepest lines on the network will be getting air conditioning which will come as welcome news to any passengers that have experienced the misery of the Tube in a heatwave when the carriages resemble a tin of sardines.

Perhaps though, apart from the design, the headline grabbing news will be wifi throughout all tubes and the new trains have the ability to be driver-free although the plan is to have them staffed for the foreseeable future.

To get a closer look, see the video and images below.

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